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Miami Heat Acquire Jermaine O’Neal while Toronto Raptors gets Shawn Marion in exchange

Posted by fcasanova6 on February 13, 2009

GM Pat Riley has always been a wiz at pulling off trades. He got Alzonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal, among others in previous trades. Pat Riley has done it again this time unloading the 17 million dollar contract of Shawn Marion and getting what the Miami Heat lacked a big man for their front court. People were saying Jermaine O’Neal was done but as of late he has been a force especially on the defensive end. This should help the Miami Heat become a well more rounded team. Riley is tactful in everything he does and he knew that although Jermaine O’Neal has a huge contract it expires at the end of the 2009-2010 season. That is when all the premier free agents will be available and the heat will have as much money as anyone to resign Dwayne Wade and go after any one of the available free agents. Lastly and most importantly, this will allow Michael Beasley to progess and play more, so that the heat will actually know how good this kid can really be. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!


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A-ROD the Roider!

Posted by fcasanova6 on February 7, 2009

Today it has come out on various reports that Alex Rodriguez, superstar third basemen for the New York Yankees, tested positive for steroids in 2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers. In that year, Mr. Roider won the MVP, he also won the AL home run title that year. According to, Mr. Roider was on a list of 104 players who tested positive. In 2003 players were not penalized for a positive result. The suspensions started in 2004 for players that tested positive. When asked to comment in a Miami gym on Thursday, he said “talk to the union”. In a sport where many great players tested positive for steroids, such as Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds, it seems the sport has been tainted. Mr. Roider was sure to have broken the all-time homerun record set by another roider Barry Bonds. What happens now? Have any of our great players been clean during this period known as the steroid era? Do anyone of these players get inducted into the Hall of Fame because of natural ability, or has everyone turned to steroids to enhance their performance? Is it, in fact, a level playing field since pretty much all the great players took steroids? I mean, if they all took them, it’s fair game. Should none of those “roider” players be inducted to the Hall of Fame? Hey, they made it to the big leagues because they possessed a natural gift in the sport, did they need to take a performance enhancement substance? In closing, I really hope all this talk ends so that the sport may one day become the sport it once was, not the circus it has turned into. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!

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Kobe Bryant goes wild for 61 points and sets Madison Square Garden Record.

Posted by fcasanova6 on February 3, 2009

Kobe Bryant was on fire and set a record for most points ever scored in the famous Madison Square Garden on Monday night as the Los Angeles Lakers beat the New York Knicks 126 to 117. The previous record wad held was by Bernard King who had the record scoring 60 points back on Christmas day 1984. Kobe was unconscious from the free throw line and could not miss making 20 out of 20. He also went 3 for 6 from the three point line and made 19 field goals out of his 31 attempts. When all is said and done and Kobe retires could we be saying he is the second best basketball player to ever to play this game. Also, Do you think anyone can will ever be able dethrone Michael Jordan as the best basketball player to ever play the game? Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!

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Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII with a thrilling 27 to 23 win.

Posted by fcasanova6 on February 2, 2009

When halftime came I’m sure everyone else thought the same thing I did the Super Bowl is over and while Pittsburgh eventually won this was not a walk in the park for the Steelers. After James Harrison 100 yard interception for a touchdown made the score 17 to 7, then a quick field goal to start the second half put the Pittsburg Steelers up by 13, it looked all but over for the Arizona Cardinals. But in the fourth quarter the Super Bowl became very exciting watching great quarterback and receiver play from both teams. Arizona inched closer on a 1 yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald from Kurt Warner, Fitzgerald had been shut down to that point in the game. This made the score 20 to 14 and they were within striking distance. After a safety the Cardinals go even closer and they were only done 4 points down as the score was Pittsburgh 20 to Arizona 16. Arizona made Pittsburgh punt on their next drive and took the lead on a great play call which had Fitzgerald running a crossing pattern to the middle of the field, both safeties were on the outside leaving the middle open where no one would catch Fitzgerald on this play. He scampered 64 yard for the touchdown giving Arizona the first lead of the game 23 to 20 with only 2:37 left in the game. All they needed was their defense to hold up. So much talk was predicated on the Arizona Offense and Pittsburg Defense, well ironically enough the game cam down to the other units that being Pittsburgh’s Offense against Arizona’s Defense. With a little over two minutes remaining it was the Santonio Holmes show as he had 4 catches for 73 yards on the drive none bigger that the play which would eventually be the game winning touchdown. Ben Roethlisberger threw the game winning touchdown to Santonio Holmes with 35 seconds left in the corner of the endzone. Holmes barely got both feet down after making a leaping grab. Holmes went on to win the MVP and Roethlisberger won his second Super Bowl in 5 years. This game was a lot closer than people thought and the finish was as exciting as any has even been. That’s two years in a row with exciting finishes to the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh has won the Lombardi Trophy six times and Ben Roethlisberger is become more and more one of the elite quarterback’s of his time. Let me know your thoughts and comments.

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Michael Phelps did more than eat 12,000 calories a day!

Posted by fcasanova6 on February 1, 2009

According to a report in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper, Olympic champion Michael Phelps, a role model to many, admitted to smoking pot at a party. In a British Tabloid, “News to the World”, a story was published and a picture released, which shows Phelps taking a hit from a bong at a college party held at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Phelps stated that what had done was ” regrettable behavior”.   Phelps, age 23, did something that many college age students do.  He experimented, the only difference between him and the rest of the world…MEDIA!  People that are always in the spotlight can’t afford to slip up, it ends up on every website, newspaper, and BLOG you could imagine.  Poor Phelps!   That’s why you always have to be careful with what you do, especially if you are a 16 time Olympic medal winner, 7  swimming world record holder, and hold the title for most Olympic golds won at a single Olympic Games. Could he still be doing it, who knows but eating 12,000 calories a day sounds like the munchies to me. Let me know your thoughts and comments Sound Off!  See pictures here

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Roger Federer loses to Rafael Nadal in quest for 14th Major.

Posted by fcasanova6 on February 1, 2009

Rafael Nadal has been a thorn in Roger Federer side for a long time,as Nadal always seems to have the upper hand against arguably the best tennis player of all time Fedrer. Nadal has continuously beaten Federer, in a match that lasted nearly 4 and a half hours Nadal beat Federer 7-5, 3-6, 7-6 (3), 3-6, 6-2. Roger Federer was looking to win his 14th major but Nadal made sure that would not be happening at the Australian Open. This was Nadal first Australian Open and he has beat Federer in three straight finals going back to last year when he beat Federer in the French Open and at Wimbledon. This has to go down as Nadal greatest victory as before the match he was feeling pain in his right leg but fought through it to beat Roger. These two men are warriors and even if you are not much of a tennis fan, I beg you to watch these two at competition and tell me you are not even a little impressed with the emotion and desire that these two pro tennis players play with. Let me know your thoughts and comments about the math, the players or tennis in general. Sound Off!

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Tracy McGrady is the most overrated player in the NBA!

Posted by fcasanova6 on January 30, 2009

Tracy McGrady came straight out of high school and was drafted ninth overall by the Toronto Raptors in the 1997 draft. The seven time all star has since played for the Orlando Magic and is currently playing with the Houston Rockets. He has spent most of his career with nagging injuries. Seemingly every year he misses some time whether it’s his, knee, shoulder or back. There has not been one year in his twelve year career in which he has played all 82 games. Mr. Mcgrady is not a winner, he is a LOSER! Follow his career he has been to the playoff seven times and has not once gotten out of the first round in NBA playoffs. Lebron James had nobody and took the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals. Kobe has taken his team to the Finals. Wade did have Shaq (the older Shaq), and won the Title all on his own. McGrady has the best Center in the Western Conference in Yao Ming and cannot exit the first round of the NBA playoffs. I don’t care if he can score 40 points a game, I would rather have Candace Parker from the WNBA then this fool! He has only played 28 games this year, what a surprise! Folks, getting Ron Artest will not help T-MAC get out of the first round this year either. I don’t even want to hear Hall of Fame when it comes to McGrady. It’s the same story every year, so Tracy I hope you enjoy watching the NBA Playoffs from home after you lose in the first round. Let me know your comments and thoughts. Sound Off!

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Can the Cleveland Cavaliers post a perfect home record this year?

Posted by fcasanova6 on January 28, 2009

Following last night’s home victory in which Mo Williams went for a career high 43 points in a 117 to 110 win by the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Sacramento Kings, Lebron James & company look push their record at home to 21-0. No team in NBA history has ever posted a perfect home record of 41-0 in a season. The best single season NBA home record belongs to the 85-86 Boston Celtics which posted a home record of 40 wins and only 1 loss. The best mark to open a season on the home court was by the 1995-1996 season where the Chicago Bulls who started the season with 37 straight home wins. Can Cleveland run the table, in a league where there is so much talent and any team can win on any night, I believe there is no way that they can go perfect. King James might have something to say about that though. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Sound Off!

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Greed cost Andy Pettitte money like it does many other MLB players

Posted by fcasanova6 on January 27, 2009

There is no denying that the New York Yankees on paper have the best starting five pitchers in the major leagues going into 2009 with the likes of Chein-Ming Wang, AJ Burnett, C.C. Sabathia, Joba Chamberlain and Andy Pettitte, who just resigned with New York Yankees, a one year deal worth 5.5 Million. Originally the 36 year old left hander was irate because the New York Yankees wanted to reduce his salary from 16 million to 10 million. Although he can make an additional 6.5 million based on incentives, his greed for money cost him the safe money. He would have had 10 million dollars guaranteed meaning if he got hurt the first day of spring training he would have gotten all the money. Then of course he says he put his pride and took the deal now because he really wanted to play for the Yankees. That’s B.S. he took the deal because if he waited any longer he would have gotten less money. Where that strategy has gotten Manny Ramirez, he was offered 2 years 45 million; with an option for a third year and he didn’t take the offer. Manny Ramirez currently does not have a baseball team to play for. The player’s greed is what has left many free agents still looking for a home with spring training only a few weeks away. Many probably wishing they would have taken the millions that had been offered to them originally. Let me know your thoughts and comments Sound OFF!

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Jay McGwire says his brother, former baseball player Mark McGwire took steroids!

Posted by fcasanova6 on January 22, 2009

News has come out that Jay McGwire says that his brother Mark Mcgwire not only used human growth hormone but also took steroids. Jay McGwire has a book proposal in which he goes into depth about this issue. The book is titled “The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth about Steroids, a Slugger and Ultimate Redemption,” and Jay has been trying to get it published but has failed to this point. Jay McGwire writes about how Mark McGwire used steroids and performance enhancing substances such as Deca-Durabolin and Androstenedione. Jay goes on to say that Mark only used Androstenedione to avoid the potential side effects that could occur from using anabolic steroids such as liver, heart or kidney stress. Also things like water retention and hair loss can occur. Jay also goes on to say that he wishes his brother had confessed. Jay and Mark have not spoken in years and to be honest this is a low blow move by Jay looking to make a quick buck. I mean it’s your brother and your family and that is something that you just don’t do. That’s outright wrong. If Mark McGwire wanted to say anything he has to be the one to say it and he had his chance in the congressional hearings. But don’t try to write a book throwing your brother under the bus! Let me know your thoughts and comments about Jay McGwire’s possible book release. Sound Off!

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